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Welcome to my corner of the internet, where passion for food science and commitment to health-conscious consumers intersect.

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Welcome to Eat Intact

Welcome to my corner of the internet, where passion for food science and commitment to health-conscious consumers intersect. I am on a mission – born out of frustration, fueled by knowledge, and dedicated to making a significant impact on the health food and supplement industry.

My name is Dr. Amir Saberi a food scientist, technologist, and an advocate for genuinely healthy food and supplement products. With a Ph.D. in food science and technology and over 15 years of both academic and industrial experience under my belt, I’ve spent significant time unravelling the complexities of food ingredients and their processing – a key factor in identifying and developing truly healthy food and supplement products.

It started with frustration, a feeling many can resonate with. When you understand the reality behind the production, marketing, and sales of supposedly “healthy” food and supplements, and then witness the disparity between the manufacturers’ benefits versus the actual benefits these products provide consumers, frustration is inevitable. This frustration evolved into a commitment to change the narrative and create an impactful shift in how food and supplement products are understood, produced, and marketed.

It’s alarming how many of us – even those highly educated – trust product labels at face value. We often get swayed by attractive packaging, with little consideration for the actual ingredients or their health benefits. The truth is, many products marketed as healthy are far from it. The key to truly healthy food and supplement products lies in containing whole, minimally processed food ingredients. These provide the optimum health benefits, as opposed to a mix of synthetic and isolated ingredients lacking in many essential nutrients.

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Unfortunately, the industry is filled with food products containing synthetic and isolated ingredients that are misleadingly marketed as healthy. The situation is even more dire in the supplement industry, where regulation is less stringent. Many brands claim their supplements are “whole food supplements” when they do not contain even a single whole food ingredient.

Seeing this, the need for education and awareness becomes clear. I aim to raise awareness about these deceptive marketing practices, to help consumers make truly healthy decisions.

My commitment extends beyond just raising awareness. I am also actively involved in developing truly healthy versions of high-demand food and supplement products. My target is health-conscious and holistic enthusiasts, those individuals who are not just looking for products labeled as “healthy”, but those who are seeking out products that truly align with their health goals.

I hope that this journey resonates with you. Together, we can demand better, healthier products, hold manufacturers accountable, and, ultimately, lead healthier, happier lives. Join me in advocating for truly healthy food and supplements. Let’s reshape the narrative and create a healthier future for all.

About Eat Intact?



Imagine a world where the nutrition labels on food and supplement products speak the truth, where the term 'healthy' is not tossed around to mislead, but to accurately depict the benefits offered. My vision is to create such a world, one where the trust of consumers is respected and upheld. It is a vision of a future where whole, minimally processed ingredients become the norm, not the exception.
This vision goes beyond creating products. It is about transforming the industry, debunking deceptive marketing claims, and reshaping the understanding of true health and nutrition. Together, we'll be able to discern the real from the fake, where 'healthy' truly means healthy, and every choice we make contributes to our well-being.


My mission stems from a deep-rooted frustration and a burning desire to set things right. It is a mission to raise awareness among people about the reality of so-called healthy food and supplement products. It's about enabling each one of us to make informed decisions, to see beyond the flashy packaging and misleading labels.
But, most importantly, it is about providing real, truly healthy alternatives. I am committed to developing and offering products that are made from whole, minimally processed food ingredients, bringing forth a range of products that health-conscious individuals and holistic enthusiasts have been seeking. This mission is not just a commitment to improve our offerings, but a pledge to enhance our lives with the power of genuine nutrition.
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